New Year and New Site

So, 2012 is upon us, the years just seem to go by faster and faster. Learning about the properties of wood and how each one cuts with tools is a time honored tradition. One that is steeped in folklore through the ages. From someone with Turner as a surname to the fantastical world of Walt Disney making a puppet come to life.

This blog is going to be a running dialogue of the thoughts and processes assoicated with wood turning. The creative process being the heartwood of my ramblings and feelings. Looking at the past is what helps me feel for the future. Goal driven to be inspired by the demands of a tech-savvy society, one that seems to put less emphasis on the smelling of the coffee and just trying to guzzle a super deluxe triple Venti. I often wonder how much less garbage there would be if all the popular chains would actually walk past one of their stores when the garbage is put out. See? Rambling. Happy New Year to all.