Natural Edge Furniture

Why we respond to it with desire 

What first drew me to furniture making was the fact that that wood turning felt limited to me in my creative endeavors. It was an important step and a great foundation for learning to see and feel the wood.  I believe all woodworkers should take a lathe class - it will make them better craftsmen/women. 

The more I studied and read about wood and what it meant to jump into this commercial field that is so competitive, I realized that I could never compete with factories and big chains churning out what passes for furniture today.

Along the way, I felt what appealed most to me about furniture was the way it was mysteriously put together and how it held up over time. This eventually led me down a path to a man named George Nakashima. His design aesthetic and care for the materials spoke volumes to my sense of earth, peace, harmony and craft.

In pursuit of these qualities, learning has unfolded into teaching which is as necessary as making. It is in this pursuit that I aim to create live edge work of any kind for those who understand and feel as I do.